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New cartoon (VOTE) and series talk

2015-09-29 15:28:37 by Brewster

Hi, check out this cartoon first.


And also go ahead and vote too.

That's really all you need to know but if you want to read some behindthescenes and other thoughts then keep going.

So this was made because Nickelodeon held this competition for a $25,000 scholarship and all you have to do is make a cartoon that shows your "Nickfluence". What? What the fuck do they mean by that? Nickfluence = Nickelodeon influence. So you just want a bunch of kids to jerk you off for money? I don't understand what they actually wanted to see, I don't think anyone did. My first thought was to make some boring autobiographical visual essay about how watching Nickelodeon as a kid changed my life. Except that would be stupid and a lie and I figured most people would do something like that (I was right).

Most of the entries are shit but theres like 6 or 7 legit good ones in there so watch a few if you've got the time. A bunch of Nickelodeon execs are gonna look at them all and choose the winner in November but until then you can VOTE on them and the one with the most votes gets a bunch of junk Nick merch. You don't have to sign up or anything just click the vote button, I'd love to win a pile of garbage.

If you've ever gone back and watched some of my real old cartoons, you'll recognize the characters in this one. It was weird bringing Clucky back after so much time because my feelings about the Clucky series have been a real rollercoaster of respect and regret. When I was making the first few episodes I think I was 12 and it was really just me trying to have my own show like every 12 year old with flash. I always kinda knew it was a dumb premise and no one was really ever gonna care about it, but it was still fun to just make something. Then I started getting really bored with most of the characters and I just felt like I needed to stop. So I came up with a three episode arc where suddenly some of the characters realize that the show is really bad and that it needs to end and they all die at the end. But then as I was making those episodes I started really liking it again, but I couldn't not end it because then it would just go back to how it was. It's like the show was shit, then it accepted that it was shit, then it was good, but now that it wasn't shit it wasn't good. Very strange.

So I decided to not kill Clucky but still end the show, and ever since then I've always thought about Clucky in this weird way where I like him and hate him at the same time. I hate him because the series started becoming this gross pet thing that only I cared about and I was giving it way too much attention. You know like how ebolaworld is with Taco Man and illwillpress with Foamy the Squirrel (there's a few others I can think of but I don't want to get attack-y). Like no one really gives a shit about those characters and yet their creators won't stop forcing them into everything they make. I didn't want to have one of those generic "My OC"s but that's all Clucky was and is. BUT what I thought was so cool about Clucky was the fact that the character hated his own show as much as I did. Ultimately though, the situation was no different from the examples I gave earlier. You can only strattle that line between averting the trope and playing it straight for so long before you gotta pick a side. The only way to avoid falling into the trap was to drop the character entirely so that's what I did. Except for now of course, but this is the real end of Clucky for good, sorry!

On the subject of serieses, can someone text Adultswim or Comedy Central or something and tell them to just give me a show? Have you SEEN Mike Tyson Mystery thing or fucking Mr Pickles or ANOTHER PERIOD??????? Just give me a show I'd make it worthwhile.

Also I put this entire cartoon together in just over 2 weeks which I think is a personal record. It kinda sucks because I like deadlines becasue they force you to work on something and call it finished, but I usually never have enough time to really polish things up nice and be completely proud of it. I'm sure it's something I'll figure out as I continue to work under deadlines but boy lemme tell ya it feels like pretty much everything I've put out in the past 3 years hasn't even come close to being fuly representative of what I can do, so either I need to put a lot more time into each project or I'm just not as good as I think I am. I seriously don't know which it is, I'll get back to you on that.


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2015-09-30 13:55:53

i think i like dielines because they actually force me to start something. i'd probably just keep thinking about projects forever if i didn't have a set date they needed to be published by. i'm not really super concerned with the 'making everything my best possible work' part, though. i like to think of my works in sets, like an album or something. so as long as i can look at any period of time and say that i'm generally moving in the direction i want to be, i'm happy with the whole lot of work, even if each piece isn't necessarily the best one yet.

and, hey, if you wanna one-up all the people making mushy ilovenick cartoons, you should definitely include a slightly less cursewordy portion of your clucky story in the description you have on the website. letting the execs know that your characters were made way back in the day as your own show might help them pick yours above the 'tv was my only friend' shorts.

Brewster responds:

Yeah i guess it's pretty unrealistic to expect any one thing you do to be your Actual best. I don't konw I just feel like I can do better.

Also yeah maybe I should've gone into that on the Nick website but it's too late now. I did talk a little bit about the dynamic between the two characters, which wasn't complete bullshit but it was mostly just telling them what they wanted to hear. So oops!


2015-10-01 18:03:30

I liked the short, it was funny.
As for [adult swim], they'd probably give anyone a pilot but only the gems like Mr Pickles will get through. Rick and Morty is great though


2015-10-09 22:57:48

Where are the good ones?