Entry #149

I made you a NATA cartoon, Balls, Baby's first Pico Day

2013-04-30 22:15:52 by Brewster

NATA 2013 is in full swing. The open round just ended a few days ago, but I had to finish a background or 2 so I waited to publish my entry for a while.

Watch Say Sneeze!

I think I did a pretty gu job, considering the choices I made. For the first week of the round I had a a pretty okay idea about a farmer and a pig and bear. I wrote this big ol 3 minute long story that had an ABCB rhyme scheme, recorded myself reading it, and even got a couple voice actors to record some lines. Then I got halfway through storyboarding and completely scrapped the idea. I didn't feel like the idea was working so I went to sleep and thought of sneezes for some reason. Then every day after that I busted ass trying to make up for lost time. I even animated a shot while sitting in a car driving on a bumpy ass highway. Real tedious shit. But it was fun.

Anyway I finished up and now I'm just waiting to see the judge's results. I think I might be okay for the next round but there's really no way of knowing at this point. If I do make it to the novice round, I'm gonna have to step it up. The way the brackets work this year is 1v1v1v1 and only one person makes it through. There's a ton of talented people participating so I'm a bit nervous for the novice.

There's also a small collab I took part in last weekend where members of the NATA skype chat animated a loop of a bouncing ball. Surprisingly, a bouncing ball collab has never been done before, despite it being the go-to animation cliche when showing the basics. That should be out some time next week hopefully.

Speaking of last weekend, Saturday was Pico Day and I got invited to the party at the NG offices. I went and had a blast of a blast. I met a shit ton of cool guys, got a tour of the offices, played some Battleblock Theater (funfunfun), and spent some time on the stream. It was probably one of the funnest things and I hope I get invited back next year.

That's it for now.

I made you a NATA cartoon, Balls, Baby's first Pico Day


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2013-04-30 22:23:25

Wish ya coulda been there longer, bro. Ya missed all the drunk guys.

Brewster responds:

Yeah same, but at least I missed all the drunk guys


2013-04-30 23:51:11

I needed to be be way more drunk than I was :( and had more sleep! Hope you seized the day when you were there man! I had just enough energy to smile at the awesomeness all around me!

Brewster responds:

Sure did!


2013-05-02 09:05:10

Lotsa stuff going on. Good luck with that NATA entry!

Brewster responds:

thanks man I'm gonna need it