Entry #148

Cartoon! New! You can watch it if you want.

2013-04-01 23:17:42 by Brewster

I finished it yesterday but i couldn't upload due to the publishing glitch that was going on. But here it is.

Voyaging the Void

Started it back in November, worked on some other stuff, finally came back and made it my March toon. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I feel like I'm becoming better at injecting my cartoons more with my own sense of humor, and I want to know if people think it's funny at all. or whatever you think about it really. So let me know in the comments or in a review or in a PM or SOMETHIN.

Anyway, new stuff. April has begun, and with it comes NATA. The theme for the open round is "a new holiday" and I'm soooooo super excited. NATA is the greatest thing ever ever. I only made it to the first round last year but I feel I've improved greatly since then and I'm hoping to make it even further this year (maybe even win but probably not who knows). Yeah so that's pretty much all for now.

Have a great fun!

Cartoon! New! You can watch it if you want.


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2013-04-01 23:51:26

I believe I see a Squindred. Hi.

Brewster responds:

you're true


2013-04-02 10:35:43

One day, when I was a measly janitor for a local shopping mall, a work mate directed my attention to a wad of papers in a clear plastic folder, hanging above the time-clock (the employee handbook for 'maintenance crew members'). After I opened it up, I was told what was written in it: "If a bomb threat is made, and the building is cleared, it is the responsibility of the MCM, to check trash bins, crawlspaces and fire exits for unexploded devices."
._. Funny, huh? BTW, I'm sayin' this on a non-April Fools' Day. Really great cartoon dude!

Brewster responds:

haha thanks man


2013-04-03 11:45:23

Is it just me or new movies take longer to pass under jugment after the last redesign?

Brewster responds:

They are, but the ones for the past couple days are taking even longer because there was a publishing error so a lot of people couldn't submit anything for like an entire week period. Now that that's fixed everyone's posting all at once so everything's backed up.