Entry #147

A brand new old cartoon. View it!

2013-02-28 20:03:08 by Brewster

Watch Mount Mayhem. It's a cartoon that i started back in October but didn't start working on until this month. I think I did some cool things with it, but I know there's still room for improvement, so let me know what you think.

That takes care of February. I wanted to start doing 1 animation a month but I missed out on January. This month I almost didn't make it, but I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I didn't release anything for two entire months. For March I've already started in my next toon, which is another unfinished NMAE entry about space. It's either moderately funny or disgustingly unfunny, only time will tell.

Also there's a couple collabs I'm a part of right now, but I'm not sure when those'll be released so look out.


Also you can watch it on Youtube if that's what you're into.

A brand new old cartoon. View it!


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2013-02-28 20:19:57

It was great !

Brewster responds:



2013-02-28 20:47:19

mount hymen ... i had to do it

Brewster responds:

you think youre soooooooooo fuckin clever dont you


2013-02-28 23:19:06

maaaaan, i loved it

Brewster responds:

thanks digs, youre a real digs


2013-03-04 00:46:21

Very cute cartoon. Great work on the animation. Backgrounds could use work. I've always had that problem.

Brewster responds:

Yeah, I definitely need to start doing more with them. Thanks a lot!


2013-03-19 20:19:32

Just started going through your work, I arrived from the Monday collaboration because I liked your art style. Commenting to let you know that I'm the 100th fan! Yay!

Brewster responds:

Wooooooo! Very small mile stone but it means a lot, thank you.