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Woah I guess it's been a while. An update for YOU!

2012-12-03 19:18:44 by Brewster

Haven't made a news post in a while. I have so much to show you.

Nooni Media Animation Extravaganza is coming to a close in 12 days. The theme for the final round was "don't look back" and I think I have a real shot at winning but then theres Hikarian and Sandwich-eater to worry about so who knows what's gonna happen. Ok so I'm currently working on my entry for that, which makes 3 different cartoons I'm planning to release. I've got Mount Mayhem (NMAE Round 1), Voyaging the Void (NMAE Round 2), and Caution is Key (NMAE Final Round). It's been a couple months since I've released a new toon, so I'm looking to get at least one of those out before 2013 comes around. It'll most likely be Caution is Key, which is a whale of a tale, so look out.

I really hate that I didn't really do much on NG in the month of November, so starting January I'll be making sure to submit at least one piece of content every month. This might not mean a new animation every month but at least something, like an art post or something. I currently have to make comic strip for school so maybe I could do something to follow up on the one I did in June.

Also, illustrating a kid's book? It's possible that it's possible, but that's really all I know at this point.

You can also become a fan if you give a shit.

Mount Mayhem. Voyaging the Void. Caution is Key.
Get pumped

Woah I guess it's been a while. An update for YOU!


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2012-12-03 19:23:36


Brewster responds:

I hope so.


2012-12-03 19:58:17


Brewster responds:

youre close, but not quite


2012-12-03 21:57:52

good luck on NMAE!

Brewster responds:

Thanks! I'll need it.


2012-12-04 00:53:35

Don't forget that Breaking Bad piece

Brewster responds:

oh right I forgot about that. Ive got a lot on my plate right now, so we'll see where that goes after I finish everything, but no promises.


2012-12-04 15:49:44

Stoked to see your pieces maaaaan.

Brewster responds:

duuuuuuude bro. I wish i could show you right now.