Entry #142

Name Changed!

2012-10-08 17:17:10 by Brewster

I am now Brewster. For about the past year I've felt that the name BobyB64 was horrible and stupid and dumb. I decided that having my last name as my online handle was a lot better than a misspelling of my first name with 64. So a few days ago I PM'd Tom about it and the name has been changed! It's kind of a drastic change, going from BobyB64 to Brewster, but it's for the best. It might take some getting used to at first but everything will seem like normal within a month or two.
I guess this would be a pretty good time to give an update on a few things.

First off, NMAE. Round 1 ends in about 3 days (the end of October 11th) and it's not looking good for me. So far, I have about 1000/2000 frames of rough animations done. And 2 backgrounds. Yes, there is still time left, but I think it's safe to say I'm not going to finish. School has really been getting in the way lately. That, and my own laziness. If I do somehow make it to Round 2, I'll have to figure out a better way to balance school and animating.

Second, the Breaking Bad Collab. Although the deadline has been extended, I'm not sure if I'll have my part done. In fact, I haven't even started, really. I have the script written and the audio recorded, but I haven't yet had the time to animate anything. If I don't make it into the collab, I think I'll submit it on it's own because I still like the idea and I think it would be funny.

So thats pretty much it. I actually have a bunch of stuff I plan on doing soon. Time management is the biggest thing I have to work on now.

PIC: from my Round 1 entry. It's mountains!

Name Changed!


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2012-10-08 17:28:10


Brewster responds:

Pesnips a Plenty


2012-10-08 19:43:42


Brewster responds:

its not letting my type just the letter v sooooooooo....



2012-10-08 21:12:06

I knew you by your user image better than your name. Maybe this shall change that. Do you drink, or am I missing something about the new name? It's certainly catchy, which is a big plus and probably the most important thing.

Brewster responds:

Yeah, I'm like that too with the user images for some people, that's why I decided to keep the one I have. Haha I see what you mean, but no, Brewster's actually just my last name. Has nothing to do with alcohol (although I'm sure that's where the name came from originally).


2012-10-08 22:52:46

You're so cool Brewster, I can't stand it!

Brewster responds:

I tried googling your username to try and get a good retort.
But instead I found this.


2012-10-09 09:25:53

You've changed maaaan...I don't even know who you are anymore!!....:((((


Brewster responds:

Psssh, I haven't changed, I just grew up. Maybe you should do the same.



2012-10-09 23:44:39

oh so neeeewwww

Brewster responds:

also improved.


2012-10-14 18:17:23

Yeah, school was part of the reason I had to quit the competition. Good luck though, even if you don't finish.


2012-10-14 18:50:50

There's another NMAE?


2012-10-14 18:58:54

Wait nevermind my last comment, lol.


2012-10-15 03:17:04

Your last name would be amazing if you worked at a brewery.