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New cartoon (VOTE) and series talk

2015-09-29 15:28:37 by Brewster

Hi, check out this cartoon first.


And also go ahead and vote too.

That's really all you need to know but if you want to read some behindthescenes and other thoughts then keep going.

So this was made because Nickelodeon held this competition for a $25,000 scholarship and all you have to do is make a cartoon that shows your "Nickfluence". What? What the fuck do they mean by that? Nickfluence = Nickelodeon influence. So you just want a bunch of kids to jerk you off for money? I don't understand what they actually wanted to see, I don't think anyone did. My first thought was to make some boring autobiographical visual essay about how watching Nickelodeon as a kid changed my life. Except that would be stupid and a lie and I figured most people would do something like that (I was right).

Most of the entries are shit but theres like 6 or 7 legit good ones in there so watch a few if you've got the time. A bunch of Nickelodeon execs are gonna look at them all and choose the winner in November but until then you can VOTE on them and the one with the most votes gets a bunch of junk Nick merch. You don't have to sign up or anything just click the vote button, I'd love to win a pile of garbage.

If you've ever gone back and watched some of my real old cartoons, you'll recognize the characters in this one. It was weird bringing Clucky back after so much time because my feelings about the Clucky series have been a real rollercoaster of respect and regret. When I was making the first few episodes I think I was 12 and it was really just me trying to have my own show like every 12 year old with flash. I always kinda knew it was a dumb premise and no one was really ever gonna care about it, but it was still fun to just make something. Then I started getting really bored with most of the characters and I just felt like I needed to stop. So I came up with a three episode arc where suddenly some of the characters realize that the show is really bad and that it needs to end and they all die at the end. But then as I was making those episodes I started really liking it again, but I couldn't not end it because then it would just go back to how it was. It's like the show was shit, then it accepted that it was shit, then it was good, but now that it wasn't shit it wasn't good. Very strange.

So I decided to not kill Clucky but still end the show, and ever since then I've always thought about Clucky in this weird way where I like him and hate him at the same time. I hate him because the series started becoming this gross pet thing that only I cared about and I was giving it way too much attention. You know like how ebolaworld is with Taco Man and illwillpress with Foamy the Squirrel (there's a few others I can think of but I don't want to get attack-y). Like no one really gives a shit about those characters and yet their creators won't stop forcing them into everything they make. I didn't want to have one of those generic "My OC"s but that's all Clucky was and is. BUT what I thought was so cool about Clucky was the fact that the character hated his own show as much as I did. Ultimately though, the situation was no different from the examples I gave earlier. You can only strattle that line between averting the trope and playing it straight for so long before you gotta pick a side. The only way to avoid falling into the trap was to drop the character entirely so that's what I did. Except for now of course, but this is the real end of Clucky for good, sorry!

On the subject of serieses, can someone text Adultswim or Comedy Central or something and tell them to just give me a show? Have you SEEN Mike Tyson Mystery thing or fucking Mr Pickles or ANOTHER PERIOD??????? Just give me a show I'd make it worthwhile.

Also I put this entire cartoon together in just over 2 weeks which I think is a personal record. It kinda sucks because I like deadlines becasue they force you to work on something and call it finished, but I usually never have enough time to really polish things up nice and be completely proud of it. I'm sure it's something I'll figure out as I continue to work under deadlines but boy lemme tell ya it feels like pretty much everything I've put out in the past 3 years hasn't even come close to being fuly representative of what I can do, so either I need to put a lot more time into each project or I'm just not as good as I think I am. I seriously don't know which it is, I'll get back to you on that.

I know this is all week old news but a cople days ago a wrote this entire post already and then it got deleted before I could publlish and I just really didnt feel like writing it again but here we go anyway.

First of all I made a cartoon for Pico Day called Darnell for President and I mean it's right there you can just watch it.

This is the first time I ever made anything for Pico Day. I've always wanted to but I never felt like doing some generic action gun fight, although I guess everyones kinda done with those nowadays it seems like so that's good. Anyway I basically just did the same thing I always do which is just two characters standing there talking. It's tough cause I really like that setup, it's the easist and most effective way to write for me and I feel like there's an infinite amount of things you can say with it. But at the same time it feels like it's been getting really formulaic. I've kinda felt that way for about a year now and you can see that I tried to mix it up a little with my NATA entries. With Door to Door the characters walk around while their talking and in Oooga Booga Boys and Lost Track there's more than two characters, but they're all enssentially the same formula with very very minor changes. This time I wanted to build off of it and actually have something happen after the big talk scene is done. I guess "the thing that happens" just ended up doing more 2 character dialogue, but for some reason this time it feels different than in past. Maybe it's because the story takes place over 2 days or maybe I've fooled myself I don't know. I'm defintely going to try and push my boundires cause I don't want to get stuck in a rut and keep pushing out the same shit. Just the other day my good pal Bill Premo said he could see me pulling off a series. That was really cool to hear cause Bill has good taste in cartoons and because in the back of my mind that's something I've always wanted to do. And if you really want to dig back into my old stuff you'll see that I did attempt it but I realized how bad it was a few episodes in and quickly ended it. It left a bad taste in my mouth about every internet series. They all seemed kinda pointless and they always came off as though they were the creator's child that they had to show eveyone pictures of but no one really cared, or at least I didn't. There were always the rare few though, like Homestar Runner or Eddsworld or Cuboy or something, that proved that it can be done right and that always kept me thinking about how I would do it if I was really good. Not there yet though so let's pretend I never said anything.

There's a good amount of animators on this site that are always doing cool new shit. First ones that come to mind are the Vadd Flatten twins, Hotdiggedydemon and Ukinojoe. Ignoring the videogame character jokes and focusing solely on the art and animation, they keep topping themselves. I think that's really cool and a great way to improve and I've been wanting to try and change things up more even if on a smaller scale. In this the caracter designs are really simple so it's easier to push the poses and try more stuff in terms of the character animation. Also there's those moving lines that they all have which I thought was cool. I also did backgrounds in a way that I've never done before. When I got to the one shot where Darnell walks out into the hallway after they break in and he's looking around all worried, I wanted to show a frontal view of Darnell coming out but also a frontal view of the doors at the end of the hallway and the only way I could think to do that was to bend the entire hallway. I didn't really know what I was doing but when I tried sketching it out it looked like this cool fish eye lens thing and I thought it was COOL. So I kept that but then I thought it would be weird if the whole cartoon was normal and then it got fisheye for that one shot so then I had to go back and give most of the backgrounds that effect. Again, I had no idea what I was doing so it was really hard but I think I got a believeable angle out of most of them. Then after I had finished all the backgrounds I learned that 4 point perspective is a thing and you can get a fish eye effect that way except it'll actually look right. I guess it's good because now I have another thing to try out and practice but it really would've been helpful if I knew about that earlier. So then I had all these cool looking backgrounds but I had no idea how I was gonna color them. I knew I wanted to do them all monochramatic but just one flat color wasn't doing it and I didn't have the time to pick a bunch of shades colors for every shape. I put in some placeholder colors and stopped thinking about it but then I learned about the UPA and how they changed the whole animation industry in the 50s with their flat style art and more abstract backgrounds. They basically invented that style of background where nothing's really colored inside the lines and it doesn't make any sense. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about it like every cartoon does it. Anyway I came back to the placeholder colors and saw the same kind of things starting to happen and I really like that style so I tried it and I think it's hey alright.


Good example of that style of backgrounds from Gerald McBoing Boing by UPA

Anyway I worked on it really hard and I didn't finish til 6am the day of Pico Day working all through the night and then I had to sit in a car with Emrox and his parents for 6 hours to go to the NG office which was a lot of fun, all of it. There were a lot of people there this year and I somehow had enough energy to actually talk to a lot of them. I don't konw if it's just me but every time I talk to someone in person who I already know on the interent, it's always really weird for the first couple minutes. This was my 3rd year going to the party and I thought that after this much experience I would've gotten over it but it seriously happens every time. It's those opening lines where you're comparing the image you had in your head to the image you're looking at, while simultaniously trying to think of something to say that isn't complete garbage but then you also reaize that you were just standing there silent this while time and you ' look like a huge asshole. It's all very strange. At least at first, after that its fine. Anyway it was a lot of fun and it gets better every year. If it happens again next year I'd definitely be up for coming back again. Also happy birthday Tom happy birthday Newgrounds hoorah hooray!


More NATA and more NATA

2014-06-23 18:38:24 by Brewster

So the results for the Novice round were posted last night and I just made it through to the next round by half a point. I definitely need to step it up if I want to continue in the tourney so this round I'm really gonna make em say, "Wow." Or at least, "Oh, cool."


Here's my entry for last round if you want to see it.


I can't say I'm really happy with it. I think it turned out fine but it feels like a step down from my open round entry. There's some funny bits in there but its overall pretty weak compared to what I've done in the past. I do still like the art style though so it's not all bad. This round though, I'm going to try and strengthen the character animation and vary up the shots more but also try to have good dialogue and be relevant to the theme. It's gonna be a real fun time.


I've got a lot of ideas that are still in the birthing phase lined up so once I'm out of NATA I'll probably start fleshing them out and start releasing fun things. I'm also helping out on a couple of other peoples projects so we'll see where that goes and maybe I'll seeya around kid.


Seeya around kid.


Here's some stuff from the thing



NATA and some things

2014-05-26 19:31:53 by Brewster

NATA is back once more and I made this cartoon and give it a go

Check it out its called Door to Door

The theme was "the most important mission ever". The first thign that probably came to everyones mind was something like a secret spy man with a gun or something but that's lame so I tried to do something at least a little different. Although it's never actually stated in the animation that they're missionaries so I guess you could say it doesnt work but the Mormonism is really heavily implied and also I'm telling you theyre Mormons right now so buzz off nerd. Anyway it's looking like every year the amount of talent among the participants is getting higher and higher so even I don't make it far I'm still excited to find out who takes the cake.


Here's some character sketches fromt the Mormon thing.

So what I work on next depends on what happens with NATA. If I keep going, good. If not I've been cooking up a few ideas here and there that I could definitely tighten up and get done. I feel like I've been in a bit of a creative slump since Skeleboneman so hopefully now that schools out I can get back into this thing full force.

That's it so okay bye   ; •  )

New Cartoon about dads and more bullshit

2014-03-03 18:23:54 by Brewster

Hey friends and foes!!

Got a new cartoon out about what it takes to be a father. It's called Father to Son and you gotta see for yourself.


"it deals with issues very near and dear to my heart"

-dyl, 2014

"hahahaha whats going on"

-francisfyl, 2014

"ur like if seinfeld had sex in the city with miyazaki"

-BPremo, 2014

These are just a few things that people have been saying about it. Maybe it's about time you form your own opinion you sheep.

I don't really know where the idea for this cake from. I've been watching a lot of Dr. Katz lately so the idea of a dysfuntional father/son dynamic was fresh in my mind. Plus that show is very dry and improvy, which requires minimal effort when recording and "writing" so it seemed like a good idea to try. Hotdiggedydemon's Zim cartoon had also come out around the time when I was forming an idea and I think the insanity of that sparked something when brainstorming. 

Anyway this one's kinda bittersweet for me. Sweet because I finished it and I'm happy with it, but bitter because it's already March and I've only submitted 1 thing. Hopefully there won't be another 3 month period of inactivity any time soon because NG and animation are the only things keeping me sane. I've got some things planned for the near and distant future but who knows 

Also heres a pic of how the dad was originally going to look but it's also a suggestion for all of you


The Skeleboneman

2013-11-02 19:30:47 by Brewster

You might remember a couple days ago was the Halloween day of the year. I made an animation for such a day and you can go and watch it, that'd be cool.

Watch Skeleboneman.

The story behind this one is I drew a skeleton and I liked how it turned out and Halloween was coming up so I recorded about 3 minutes worth of audio but then I cut it down to 2 because there's no way I'm doing 3 minutes in a month and I was barely able to pull off 2 so here it is.

I also wanted to figure out a way where I could work on a cartoon while being away from my computer. Obviously theres the traditional route, but that would require more time than I've ever spent on an animation and it'd be tedious and boring. So I went with this cut-out style that's kinda like old South Park. I'd draw each character and body part separately on a piece of sketchbook paper and scan them into Flash to animate them (pictured below). At first it was pretty tough to adapt to because when I was working strictly Flash I could always make an immediate change if something was off or missing. But when drawing on paper first and animating after, there was no way for me to know if it was screwed up so I'd have to keep going back and making small changes and scanning it in all over again which was a bit of a hassle. I picked it up pretty quick though everything went great.

Until it came to exporting. By the time I finished all the animation it was about 10PM on October 31st and I really wanted to get it uploaded by the end of the day. I woke up at 6AM and worked on it for like 18 hours straight just to finish in time. If you've ever used flash you know it doesn't take much to piss it off, and when you've got 20+ 1.5mb jpegs and 100+ symbols, you're lucky if you can even copy and paste without it crashing. I originally planned on exporting as a single .swf with a preloader and everything but I quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. I contemplated cutting it up into multiple .swfs and putting them all back together with Swivel becuase you can do that but then the audio would be all screwed up because it wasn't all one track. So for some reason I opened up After Effects which I had never used before and knew very little about. I decided to export each character's layer as it's own .swf, covert it to .mp4, load it into AE and color key out the background color so I could throw them all together in one movie file. At the time I didn't know this but 4 separate 2 minute long .mp4s all stacked on top of each other is a lot for any program to handle. When I tried to render, I didn't even get to see the ETA go down once, it was at like 4 hours and growing when I hit cancel. By that time it was around 11:30PM and I realized I wasn't going to have it done and I spent the next couple hours coming up with more stupid ideas on how to export this thing. Took me an entire day to realize that all I needed to do was export the sound separately from the rest of the movie and it'd be fine so pretty much all that extra work was for nothing and I probably could've had it all done by Halloween. But oh well it turned out fine and I'm happy with it.

Geez didn't mean to write a fuckin essay about it.

Upcoming stuff includes a funny thing with Emrox and other things that I haven't thought of yet.

Anyway here's what one of the sketchbook pages looked like before I went in and cut out all the parts. This was the part when the one guy throws the spray paint can.

The Skeleboneman

A whole BUNCHA new Stuff

2013-09-26 18:43:51 by Brewster

Hi friends there's a couple things I need to update ya on.

1. Go watch Urinal Buddies

2. Then watch It's Barack Obama

Urinal Buddies started off as a clock day cartoon. If you take a look at the character designs they resemble a strawberry, a pear, and an orange. I didn't come up with the idea until about halfway through clock day so I didn't get to finish on time (clearly). By around 11pm on the 18th I had the voices and storyboards done so I tried getting my old pals in the NATA Skype chat to help out and maybe finish it in an hour but that didn't work out. So then I thought I'll just release it a couple days late, no big deal, but then there was this other thing that I had to do for about 3 weeks and by that time it was September already. It would feel stupid releasing a clock day flash a month after clock day so I had to go back and change all the clock faces to people faces and change the little arrow thing that goes back and forth into mouth movements. It probably shouldn't have taken as long as it did but that's how it went so whatcha gonna do.

And then there's It's Barack Obama by Emrox. He had this idea about a conversation between the president and some guy so I went along with it and we recorded some dialogue and I thought it turned out pretty ok. Then he edited all the audio it was fucking hilarious. But all I did was talk into a microphone, Emrox did all the work so go send him some love for that.

I started a new Youtube channel where I'm going to put all my animations from now on in addition to Newgrounds. But ol' NG will always be my first love so as long as you're following me on here you won't miss out on anything.

There's also this dumb comic that I did as an assignment for school but you don't have to look at it if you don't want to I understand how these things are for you.

A whole BUNCHA new Stuff

Change of plan

2013-09-03 19:26:53 by Brewster

I said I was going to make Clock Day cartoon and I started to but then Clock Day ended before I could finish it so then I thought well ok I'll just finish it up and upload in a couple days but THAT didn't happen and now it's September so publishing a Clock Day animation in September would be pretty dumb so I went back and made it so it has nothing to do with clocks anymore but thats ALSO taking me more time than it should and also school is starting so I'll have even less time to work on it each day and also there was a freelance job that I got somewhere in between all those things and that took like two weeks but it was fun and I got paid for it so it was fun but anyway.

What I'm trying to say is expect a new cartoon from me this month. Try it, you'll like it!

Change of plan

Clock Day

2013-08-15 23:23:37 by Brewster

Decided to make a quick last minute Clock Day cartoon because it felt like a good time to do it. Turned out bigger than I planned so it might take a couple days to finish. Please don't forget about me, I yearn for you so.


Clock Day

Here's a dumb cartoon that I made for no reason.

Go watch Taking a Stand.

I thought it was funny at one point but then I started getting sick of it as I worked on it so you be the judge. It was originally going to be a lot longer and a lot dumber but I cut a bunch of the jokes. It's much better this way, maybe not good, but much better for sure.

Next up I'm working on a clip for the Newgrounds documentary, Everything By Everyone, that was Kickstarted back in 2010. It'll be great. After that I'm animating a clip for the Red Bar Radio Show which is a comedy podcast and it's pretty funny. Hopefully I do the clip justice, but only time will tell. I was pretty inactive in June besides the Walk Collab (which reminds me, there's another NATA collab in the works) so I'm gonna try and release 2 animations in 1 month at some point before the end of the year.

Lastly, a friend of mine recently started making a whole bunch of chiptune songs and he's looking for some feedback on how to improve. I think they're pretty swell but there's only so much help I can give about making music. So if you want to critique some songs head on over to Canonator's page and see what you're missing!

That's it.

New Animation! And also some other things